Ampliatel – IT Consulting Services


The most important element in IT consultancy is people.

Amplia Telecomunicaciones SA is a company which specialises in providing solutions for the Information Technology sector and its aim is to identify and analyse each clients’ requirements in order to achieve a common goal, both from a technology and a human resources point of view, in order to develop an efficient and qualified environment within which to integrate professionals into IT projects.
We are experts in helping our clients combine both technological and human resources, helping them with their requirements and making sure we meet their objectives.

Amplia Telecomunicaciones S.A. is a company focused on providing solutions in the technology sector and has more than ten years experience and knowledge of the ever-changing environment of companies and their ability to transform and adapt.

Ampliatel aims to satisfy its clients’ expectations. This combined with our professionals’ business culture is the best endorsement in terms of improving the response to constant changes in market requirements.

Essentially, Ampliatel’s focus and continued efforts are aimed at being a solution provider in the field of Consultancy, Technology and Outsourcing, identifying clients’ requirements, in order to achieve the required technological and personnel outcome in rationalised and efficient environments.

The main objective is for our team to take part in our clients’ projects in a dynamic and efficient way, in order to obtain the best professionals at the appropriate cost.