Ampliatel – IT Consulting Services

Values, vision and mission

Ampliatel - vision and mission

Ampliatel´s business culture is based on values, which create firm commitments:

  • Client focus: we focus our efforts on customer service and customer satisfaction, providing competitive and quality solutions (ISO 9001:2008 EC-1722.09.04)
    Transparency in what we do must be the defining feature of the company in general and of its members in particular and it must be a crucial value for each decision undertaken within the company.
  • Our Team: we believe in the sum of individuals – each member of the Ampliatel team provides added value to the company. Professionalism and the different personalities of our employees allow us to position ourselves as an efficient and dynamic company, because we make the most of the knowledge of all members of the Ampliatel team.
  • Our Vision To be a key and much-needed partner for Solutions, due to our consultants all-round knowledge and experience.
  • Our Mission

         – Apply the best pinpoint knowledge and experience for Outsourcing.
– Serve our market, whilst exceeding the expectations of our clients.
– Contribute to the development of our employees.

Our company’s main strength is its people – people with talent and creativity, which are committed to the company and its clients. These qualities help them stand out from the rest and are their hallmark. We are committed to providing stable employment for our professionals (95% permanent positions).

We look for specialisms and we undertake training in response to the future requirements of our clients. As a result, we make it possible for our professionals to gain access to technological certifications such as: MCSA, MCSE, MCTS.NET, CCNA and CCNP.

* Salary systems: Fixed/Compensation Plan/Social Benefits.

* Effective management of the annual Training Plan.

* Annual performance evaluation interviews (vision, performance and achievements, training requirements, salary expectations)

    Our Company has had experience in resource integration since 2000, collaborating on project development, helping clients with their requirements and being committed to their objectives. In order to achieve these objectives, Ampliatel is strongly committed to quality with its clients and it follows a strict policy in terms of the success of its services and it continually strives for improvement, which ensures that the requirements detailed in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 regulation (since 2004 and recently renewed by Aenor) are achieved (ISO 9001:2008 EC-1722.09.04)