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Human Resources

Ampliatel Company

Our company’s main strength is its people – people with talent and creativity, which are committed to the company and its clients. These qualities help them stand out from the rest and are their hallmark. We are committed to providing stable employment for our professionals (95% permanent positions).

We look for specialisms and we undertake training in response to the future requirements of our clients.

As a result we make it easy for our professionals to gain access to technological certifications such as: MCSA, MCSE, MCTS.NET, CCNA and CCNP.

  • Salary systems: Fixed/Compensation Plan /Social Benefits.
  • Effective management of an annual Training Plan.
  • Annual performance evaluation interviews (vision, performance and achievements, training requirements, salary expectations).

The demand from our clients in terms of selection has led us to develop this area, making it a separate area, focusing efforts, making the most of our experience and databases; as well as other sources of recruitment, to offer a firm service and to select the best candidate.

Starting with the specific requirements of the client, we proceed by defining the vacancy and the competencies to evaluate, continue by going through the applications, which is the first stage of the selection process, followed by competency interviews, specific tests (languages, IT, others), assessment centre, drafting of a report and presenting candidates.