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Work with us

Work with us - Ampliatel

We are very interested in targeting the best professionals in the market.

At Ampliatel we look for committed people who are able to take on challenges. We look for people with good academic and professional profiles with values and skills, which enable us to be a better company. We believe in you.

Selection process

If you decide that Ampliatel is right for you and that it fulfils your expectations, please look for positions available in our job vacancies, which match your skills and interests, and send us your CV.

Once your CV has been received and evaluated for the different processes, if you match the profile we are looking for, we will hold interviews, in order to ensure that we hire the most suitable person for the positions at Ampliatel. A Human Resources expert will contact you to talk about your CV.

This could mean an initial interview with a professional from Human Resources, who will want to talk about your experiences and interests in more depth. You will also have the opportunity to obtain further information about the position and what it is like to work at Ampliatel.

If you are invited to participate in the next stage of the recruitment process, you may be interviewed by Ampliatel executives or its clients and you may be required to provide further information on your skills and experience.

Your Human Resources contact will speak to you, in order to let you know at what point in the selection process you are at.

Please take a look at our current job vacancies, to find out more about our selection processes.